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FOX News
Jan 25, 2010 5:00am EST
foundry respect for the united states military. >> the military i have been dealing with the 82nd air porn the me aspiring to a new level. >> as the official body count in the haiti earthquake surpasses 150,000 frustration over the pass of relief. >> we have doctors at the airport and we have a nurse here that said she had 8 tons of medical supplies already on three planes in chicago that she cannot get flown in here. >> i certainly feel their str frustration. i see it on the streets. i go out every day. >> desperate, hungry and some just grieving looters go through the ruins taking everything not tied down. tonight we focus on the angels striving to redeem hell on the earth. also tonight kimberly has the latest on drew peterson, the sex clinic trying to tame the tiger and jay leno striking back. we begin in haiti with the latest. >> hi everybody welcome to a place that every american indeed every person of goodwill should be proud of. the amazing emergency medical center erected by project medishare part of university of miami global institute. behind me the dormitory for doctors. coming
FOX News
Jan 16, 2010 11:00am EST
and as they do, they know they'll have a friend in the united states of america, mr. president, thank you for giving me the chance to serve. >> thank you. >> first, i want to thank president obama for asking president bush and me to do this and for what i believe has been a truly extraordinary response on the part of the american government. because i've been working for nearly a year as the u.n. special envoy, i've been in constant touch with our people through the u.n. on the ground and the u.n. lost a lot our people there, the largest loss of life in a single day. the united states has been there from the beginning. the military has been great, the response by the state department has been great. i just can't say enough about it. and people in haiti know it. i'm grateful. secondly, i'd like to thank president bush for agreeing to do this. and for the concern he showed for haiti. before this happened, my foundation worked with the people on the aids problem in haiti and i saw how good they were and what they did and how many lives they saved. finally, let me say that i don't have to rea
FOX News
Jan 18, 2010 5:00am EST
doctors to land in the united states and we established a beach head and now the calvary has arrived from every where. we are committed to haiti. i was here two webbings a -- wes ago with the president for the first critical care hospital. unfortunately the disaster came before they were ready for it. >> thank for your generosity. introduce yourself and tell me why so many medical professionals risk so much to come here? >> it's a terrible tragedy. we are here because we want to save lives, kids lives, baby's lives adults lives. it's a real war zone as far as the casualties are concerned. we are here to help as many people as we can. we have a team of doctors working together from university in miami and the fact that we are able to make a difference and save lives is really why we are doctors in the first place. >> thank you for everything you do. especially you dr. ginsburg. we went to the orphanage we told you about in the first hour desperate staff, children, looters, craig and jonathan hunt were there earlier in the day they made the call out to get help from the orphanage. before we
FOX News
Jan 23, 2010 11:00am EST
, everybody in the united states is a tax cheat because the tax code is so complicated. >> it's like summer camp. that hung you have treasury secretary. he didn't get that right. >> quentin, that's a great point. talk about tax cheats. maybe he shouldn't have a job z don't complain about big government. individuals are responsible for paying their taxes. this is about companies that cheat. >> victoria? >> the only way you're going to get your money back is through giving them -- not the only way but one way is to give these guys contracts. >> they're criminals. seize their assets. >> you send them to prison you won't get the money. >> government calling other people criminals and cheats after what we've seen in the past year? >> maybe they all should go jail. send them to north korea. absent that, a perp walk would prevent others were doing the same but don't confuse that with notions over long. >> how many pages? >> 9 1/2 million words and. >> i knew this guy would have an answer. no more filibuster proof senate. you can thank scott brown for that and also three filibuster stocks that will
FOX News
Jan 2, 2010 11:00am EST
the workforce in america you will deal a death blow to security in the united states. should we listen to folks like him. >> i'm very, very wary of applying lessons from israel to the u.s., because that is a country that is at perpetual war. >> you don't think we're at war now. >> we have a security issue. and we have... >> you wouldn't call it a war. >> i would not call it a war and i don't want to live in a country that will be at war four, five decades and -- >> i don't, either but we might have to face reality that that is where we are, victoria? >> yeah, you have people trying to blow up planes, mike. i mean, you have to look at what worked elsewhere and what we haven't mentioned in-depth here is if you get unions in it will be hard to fire people and you need to be able to fire people in this situation, and need to be able to say you missed that guy and didn't check his i.d. and you wouldn't be able to do that if unions were involved and that is a huge security risk. >> look at how hard it is to fire a teacher in schools manifestly failing in our big cities. >> quentin doesn't that concer
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)